ferrari superamerica

FERRARI 410 SUPERAMERICA Not the most aerodynamic looking of cars, the pininfarina bodied 410SA was remarkably fast in its day with 360 bhp from its 5 litre v12, the later 500 superfast was probably quicker but none were tested. Most of Ferrari’s model names have been based on the capacity in cubic centimeters of a single cylinder […]

nano tech

Nano technology is the use of very small pieces of material by themselves or their manipulation to create new large scale material. At the nano scale material properties are altered from that of larger scales. The nano scale is the size range from approximately 1nm to 100nm. It studies material having characteristics of nano scale, and […]


Understated wolf,The  BMW M5’s six cylinder engine is stretched to 3.8 litres and tuned to 340BHP more than the 4 litres V8 540i and will reach 170mph. In 1972, the year that which was host to the Olympic games, BMW founded their subsidiary, BMW M5 Motorsports GmbH. While the two door 2002 series and the […]